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4 Watch Styles Every Woman Should Own

Watches are worn for different occasions. Each occasions will be different for each day and event you are attending.  You have will find the right watch to fit your fashion, taste and different occasions.  If you like watches and you would like 4 types for different occasions then you should have different designer watches.  4 watch styles every woman should own in the modern society are as follows:

1. Leather Band watch

This type of watch fits you in your workplace because of neatness and always look casual. They usually go with almost every kind of clothes.  Leather band watch are readily available and most of women wear this.  These sre worn by both old and  young women. Leather band watches are designed to cater for  functionality. Have several features like replaceable straps, waterproof dials, which make them more durable.

2. Bracelet watch

This type of watch is wonderful for a night out and in addition you can use this watch at your workplace. Bracelet watch come in several designs, ranging from delicate and dainty and flamboyant ones.

This watch is usually worn as jewelry and is made of rose gold, gold, platinum and silver. This kind of watches have jewelry encrusted dials.  This type of watches are very expensive.  Are luxurious watches which are reserved for special occasions, like weddings and party events.

3. Sports watch

Unlike the two watches mentioned above, sports watch come in minimalistic and sleek designs.

Sports watches are usually made for sporting purposes like, swimming, trekking and biking.  These watches are usually high water resistance.
Also have several exception features which include calorie counter, digital display, calendar and heart rate monitor.  The straps and casing of these watches is made up of plastic and rubber.  They are usually made up of brighter colors.

4. Chronograph watch

Many women shy from this watches because are believed to be made for men.  Chronograph watches come in different sizes for both men and women.  Chronograph watches have features like stop watch and display watch combined together. They also look more professional and classy.  You should consider adding this watch to the list of your watches.

In conclusion when you are shopping for the mentioned watches above consider the following facts:

Check for the size and weight of the watch you intend to buy, you check on your budget, check on the designs and functionality.  In Order to get the best watches in the market consider comparing the designs and different sellers.  Fit the watches to confirm proper fitting and how these watches look when worn.  Visit the shop with a friend or your husband so as to select the best.