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Using Your Swiss Pocket Watch

Pocket Watches are loved by antique item lovers, especially when they are in Switzerland. Swiss mechanical pocket watches are the best in pocket watch business and they are famous for their outstanding body surfaces and colors.

If you also want a pocket watch and don’t know how to operate them, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk you through some basic steps to know on operating Swiss made pocket watches.

Operating a Swiss Pocket Watch

Operating a Swiss Pocket Watch can be relatively easy, but sometimes, they can be complex and hard for some users. So here are the basic steps you need to know, if you are going to buy a Swiss made Pocket watch.

1. Opening and Closing

If you have bought a Swiss Pocket watch, you might be thinking how you can open it. Well, you just need to push the button which is fixed over the watch. The button can look like a fixed piece, colored just like the whole watch. But that is a button and if you want to open your watch, you need to push it.

Closing is simple, just press the watch front cover back to the place when it was closed, while pressing the same
button which you used to open it and it’ll get fixed. Warning: it can also be closed without pressing the button, but doing this can break the locking mechanism of the watch.

2. Setting the Time

To set the time according to your time zone, you need to actually pull the button which you pushed while opening
the watch. On pulling, you’ll notice that the button will loosen a bit and make it easy for you to rotate it. Rotate the button until you get the time pins where you like them. After getting the pins in place, gently push the button again and you’re done.  Here is a look at how it is done.

Note: Sometimes pocket watches are stuck and don’t work on unpacking the first time. If it is not working just give a gentle tug to one of the sides. If ii starts working by doing this, then you’re good to go. But if it doesn’t just replace it with a new one.

3. Displaying it Properly

Now that you know how you can open and close the Swiss pocket watch, and have set the time correctly, it’s time to
properly display the watch. You can use a vase coat to display it or you can use something which suits the style of your pocket watch, as they vary in color and size.

Place the watch in the pocket of your vase coat, and simply take the pocket watch’s chain, passing it through a
button hole of the coat, ending it in the other pocket of your vase coat. Looks nice on you!

Swiss pocket watches are loved, because they are different in look and functionality. If you read the article word-by word, you have the certificate to buy an outstanding Swiss pocket watch. If you are wondering which brand gives you the best Swiss made Pocket watches, here’s the list:

You can always search for more on the internet.