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5 Must Have Swiss Watches

Talk of elegance and the first thing that comes to your mind is style and dressing. The fashion indusry is one of the most prolific and growing sector in our world today. It has evolved ever since the ancient early man time to date, each generation bringing with it an assortment of fine new discoveries and trends. It sure is so exhilarating to see how the dawn of each new day brings with it magnificent designs created by man. With the fashion house in Paris, France, we are anticipating for more of these. Nevertheless, it would certainly not be prudent to talk about fashion without mentioning watches.

There are many categories of watches each having different functionality purposes. These categories include alarm clocks, analog watches, digital watches, quartz watches and braille watches just to mention but a few. As a matter of fact, there are over 67 different categories of watch types.With all these watches at our disposal, there are some that just stand out among all the others. These are the 5 classic watches you should have

5.)The Blancpain ( Le Brassus)

La Brassus is actually a small village in Swirtzeland celebrating almost its 300th anniversary of Blancpain; the oldest active watch producer in the world. The most amazing fact about the blancplain is that even during the quartz crisis when other manfacturers were shifting towards quartz based watches, they stuck to producing mechanical timepieces, an attribute that has made it triumph over the others greatly.

Today, the Blancplain is one of the major watch producers in the industry with models such as the esteemed Le Brassus and Fifty Fathoms that come in a unique flawless blend of silver frame and leather handles.

4.)Jaeger-LeCoultre ( Le Sentier)

The Jaeger LeCoultre, tracing its origin in its hometown Le Sentier is one of the most luxurios watch you can ever own. It has an exceptional very detailed and rich classic reverso in art decoration style.This is a brand seeking total perfection with its never-ending process. Moreover, it can be worn by both men and women. Have a look at this exquisite time piece.

3.)Breguet ( L,Orient)

The village of L,Orient carries the legacy of the greatest watchmaking genius in history; Abraham Loius Breguet. This is where this watch got its name from. This watch design has a baroque nature with enamel, diamonds or clay inlay patterns meticulously arrayed in them and are a prototype in the watch industry.

2.)Rolex (Geneva)

One of the most esteemed and coveted watch brand is the Rolex. Made in Geneva, its clever marketers have made it known far and wide and beyond. This is a watch that posseses unique qualities of being robust, precise and maintenance-friendly wear. Its forefront design stands out among all other watch brands in the world. In addition to that, its automatic movements are of the highest quality starndards and offer perfomance without a hitch.

1.)Patek Philippe

This is the absolute high end scale of luxury watches and the most prestigious of them all. This watch model is for sure the pinnacle of horologic creativity having gotten its fame from Patek Henry’s ‘supercomplication.’ In 2014, it actually became the most auctioned watch with 16 million GBP.
Watches have evolved dating back all the way to the rubber watches to the current Royal ones. The watch you wear will definitely potray your level of class. This is why most people nowadays strive to wear the latest designs of watches as it brings out the crystal clear indication of your image and self-worth. Why not buy yours today?